Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pizzelle Recipe Blog

Have a favorite or new recipe? Looking to learn or share? This is the complete interactive Pizzelle Recipe Blog your your use. My favorite is my classic family recipe which uses real Anise Seeds, but I m looking for new items to share.


Laurie said...

I have been wanting to send a message for the longest time but my computer won't open the email entourage for contacting you. So it is great to see you have a blog!

Thank you so much for linking my cocoa pizzelles on your web site! I get many readers directed through you! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays in the Italian way!!
"Dalla Mia Cucina"

Gary Charles said...

SAMBUCA in Pizzelle???


Actually I haven't heard of Sambuca being used but I will pass the tip along on the Recipe Blog. It does seem reasonable as Sambuca has the similar licorice flavor to it. Word of caution when working with anise oil; it is extremely strong and if you slip you can ruin the batch in in instant. I use anise oil for my cousin Ron who has diverticulitis and you have to be really mindful of its very concentrated form.

Best Regards,


Have you ever heard of a pizzelle recipe with Sambuca? My husband’s godmother (born & raised in Italy) adds anise oil and sambuca to her pizelles!

Ana Maria Aceti

Unknown said...

I am looking for a non- traditional pizzelle recipe. My grandmother, Rosa made these pizzelle during lent. the pizzele were white. The taste was similar to a pretzel. My cousins and I were reminscing about these. I am wondering if anyone has hever heard of this recipe. During the holidays we made the traditional pizzelle.

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