Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pizzelle Help Needed.................

Fellow Pizzelle Enthusiasts,

Sometime another perspective is in order, or an opinion is sought. Please feel free access this blog for questions or to help out if you can offer some support or advice.

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Gary Charles said...

All, Jason Drexler needs some help. Here's his problem:


First off, THANK YOU for your website. Nice work!

I have to share this story with you....

I grew up in Chicago, but I spent all my summers in a small town in Michigan with my grandparents and great grandmother, Clara Bernacchi. It was like going to a mini Little Italy, seems that a bunch of the Chicago Italians had summer places up there. My great grandmother was a great cook all around, and because of her I jar my own spagetti gravy. Everyone up there knew how to make Pizzelles. They loved to give them out to all of the kids. So I completely understand your fondness for these wonderful cookies. I loved her cookies as well, but (forgive me Nana), we had a next door neighbor, Clarina, that made the thinnest, crispiest cookies out there. I was too young and honestly, was too busy with baseball to pay much attention, but her iron was what made the magic. The thinnest irons that I can find make cookies that are about 3/16' of an inch thick. I looked at the picture of your cookies, which look delicious and are making me hungry, and it looks like they are about the same thickness.

Now for the help.....

I have been looking around for a pizelle maker that make them thinner. I may be using the wrong name for the cookie that I'm thinking of, but it looked and tasted like a real thin pizzelle. Do you know where I can get one or the right name for the cookie i'm thinking of?

Once again, THANK YOU for the time and effort you put into making this website as you have brought back some of the fond memories of my childhood.

If you could help me out with this, it would be greatly appreciated.


Jason Drexler

Gary Charles said...


First, thanks for the kind words. I hope to preserve the tradition for generations to come and I'm glad I could help you conjure up some fond memories, and hopefully I or another respondent can help you with your problem.

My advice or suggestion would be to scan Ebay faithfully and watch for older style hand held irons with very fine etching or very shallow grooves. Take a look at the first few irons in my online museum found at to see what I am talking about. The "Rossi" and the "PAT. J.C. 26.81" Irons are good examples of Irons which would produce a thin Pizzelle in my opinion. Please remember that 3/16 of an inch is approximately .1875 inches (I'm in Aerospace) and that's pretty thin. The irons with the shallow engraving seem o be your best bet.

If anyone else has any suggestions please post them for Jason.

Thanks, good luck, and best regards,

The Pizzelleman