Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to the World's Online Pizzelle Blog!

Welcome to the Internet's most Authoritative Pizzelle Blog. My name is Gary but I am Also Known As (AKA) the Pizzelleman. Pizzelle have been a tradition in my family since my Great Grandfather made the Iron which I now use to make Pizzelle in the same way as my Great Grandmother Anna, as I have inherited the honor of keeping the tradition of Pizzelle alive in my family. As I have come to really enjoy the long hours spent standing in front of the oven making these delectable cookies one at a time for family and friends, I have also undertaken the mission of preserving the Pizzelle online for the whole world to experience and enjoy. This Blog is intended to supplement my Pizzelle website currently found a, as an interactive application where other online members of the World Wide Web can share resources and interact in a collaborative manner. Please feel free to visit often and make sure to post if you have a question or have some helpful information you may want to share. The Holiday Season is almost upon us and I have many cookies to make this year, so I will sign off for now, but please review all of the useful and interesting areas of this blog and the Pizzelle site. Thanks for stopping by and Best Regards..........Gary

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